Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's a sin to kill a mockingbird - unless it lives upstairs

Well there is just something a little weird and annoying about neighbours isn't there? Something that ignites the short wired fuse in our brain that would normally show tolerance. Something frustrating about neighbours that could excuse the Dalai Lama from firing a rocket launcher through his kitchen window just to get the point across. I woke this morning to find a towel hanging down on to my balcony from the one above. The type of towel that you wouldn't voluntarily pick up, a towel that says too many trips to the laundromat, a towel that belongs in the dog's basket. But today it's a flag dangling from my balcony to remind me I'm not alone in the apartment universe. A declaration of independence from the rules of an oppressive body corporate regime. Personally I like apartment rules such as no public nudity in the public areas, no smashing into walls and no backing a furniture truck over the front lawn, all of which have apparently been ignored according to my apartment bouncers. I'm definitely going to spend a little more time lingering at the letterbox from now on, as soon as I work out which dog basket is missing a towel.


  1. I dare you to snatch it down and line a wheelie bin with it!

  2. Great idea Kath, I might hire someone to do it.

  3. LMAO Lorna, were you not tempted to bring out the blow-torch?