Monday, July 27, 2009

Best notify my next of kin, this wheel shall explode

I'm not a fan of flying at the best of times. It doesn't stop me from being at an airport, packed and with passport in hand within the hour but if I had a choice of long distance travel, flying would not be my preferred option. Basically I don't know how heavy things take off and fly. I have some confidence that the pilot does however when it comes to turbulence I'm not so sure. I prefer an aisle seat so I can't see out the window at least until a round of drinks has come my way. So today when I heard that a front wheel fell off a Virgin Blue plane just prior to take off, I'm back in the foetal position. How could this happen? Imagine sitting in your seat waiting for takeoff (and I'd be reading the emergency procedures card and watching the safety demonstration ready put my hand up to ask a question) when all of a sudden all the people on the other side of the plane slump downwards with the sound of a hubcap circling on the tarmac outside. Apparently it was only when the plane took off that someone noticed a wheel on the ground!!! At 35,000 feet there is no RACV... where is that drinks tray?


  1. Hey, if it was Virgin, a permanently attached wheel will soon feature on their 'in-flight' menu as a user-pays item.

  2. Along with seatbelts, presurized air and a fourth engine no doubt.