Friday, July 10, 2009

Apartment for Rent complete with indoor garden

It's time for me to think about moving. My apartment is in the process of being sold and the prospective buyers are spending more time in my lounge room than me. Whilst the temptation to buy my apartment is very great, unfortunately they won't take VISA so I'm off to view apartments on Saturday. I always feel positive walking into a new apartment block thinking this could be my new home. Then when I open the door that sinking feeling sets in. The window is 3 inches away from the high rise office block next door with 5 floors of call centre operators all staring into your bedroom window. Then there's the stove. The previous tenant cooked an entire goat every night and most of it still remains on the oven door. The carpet has worn so badly it resembles your old teddy bear and the bathroom looks like an ancient Greek ruin inclusive of the weeds growing between the tiles. Who knows what they think of my apartment. At least I don't need to clean my shower with weed killer.

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