Saturday, January 2, 2010

Retail Rehab

Gosh, the year is going by so quickly. Apparently there are Easter Eggs in the supermarkets already. According to today's online Age report about a UK supermarket chain "Customers furious at seeing egg promotions so far ahead of Easter Sunday on April 4 have launched a series of online attacks. One raged: "We celebrated Jesus being born on December 25 and just days later we're being sold chocolate to celebrate Easter." As it stands he only gets 4 months to live but even this seems a little premature. A Tesco spokesman said: "A small selection of Easter eggs are on sale in response to customer demand."

Personally I'd like to meet the customer who is actually demanding this and why he or she wants to give 4 month old chocolate. As we know supermarket Easter eggs are mostly made of cheap compound chocolate that is made from heavily processed vegetable fats so it can last all year round. It sounds as inviting as buying the prawns for next year's Christmas bbq at the same time. Supermarkets are like drug pushers waving the consumerism hit under our noses every time we think we are going clean. After throwing our money at Christmas presents like crazed junkies, the shops are calling us back with 30% off to keep us high. As the credit card bills start to come in we begin to think about rehabilitation and whether it was worth it but before we've stuck on the patches they're putting out the hot cross buns before the kids are even back at school. So if you are walking passed the confectionery aisle and you get a glimpse of something shiny and egg shaped, avert your eyes and walk away, and remember it's probably been there since last year but we didn't even notice.

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  1. Bloody ridiculous isn't it. And by the end of the month, winter clothing will hit the stores. If you don't buy now for July, you'll be stuck in your sun dress by the time we get frosty.