Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Invasion of the Cane Toes

How many is too many pairs of shoes? Clearly, shoes for casual, shoes for work, shoes for dinner and shoes for walking. When it is so easy for men to get away with three pairs of shoes why do women feel the need to buy more? At the demise of the pointy toe my mangled toes all breathed a collective sigh of relief. As they are now all leaning into each other at such an angle, they have formed a very close relationship from years of being bound into points so sharp you could slice tomatoes with them. The welcomed return of the round toe was short lived to the current trend of heels so high they require a planning permit. When will we learn! Stripper heals as they are so affectionately called may be the personal protective equipment of the exotic dancing industry but there seems to be no fireman's poles I feel the need to dance with. So therefore the rows of chiropractic superannuation shoes leave me left with the granny flats and shoes with Velcros straps that can only be described as vegetarian. Australian made stylish court shoes are a rarity and the rubber thong continues it march southward through the wardrobes of Australia like the cane toad. And probably just as toxic. Apparently if you lick them you can hallucinate!!


  1. I must admit to owning six pairs of thongs and loving them all and the ballet flats that I'll wear when I'm all 'dressed up.'

    However, I can not wear those godawful sketcher maryjane-style diabolicals with stretchy elastic and velcro on them: they look like something that an escapee from a sheltered workshop would wear to dance class!

  2. I have black sneakers for work, other sneakers (one pair) for weekends and one ancient pair of thongs that I wear in the yard. That's it. Oh, and an even older pair of flat sandals hiding somewhere in the depths of the wardrobe.

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