Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Like an extra virgin

God bless politicians that tell women to save themselves for marriage. Because that's exactly who we should turn to for moral advice!! In today's Age we read that Tony Abbott believes that women should remain virgins until they are married. Not men and women. Just women. Men can shag themselves senseless but women need to stay at home and do cross stitch or something. Asked what advice he gives his own daughters on sex dear Tony tells us it should be treated as ''a gift''. A gift like a house brick that should be wrapped up in pretty paper and hurled through his window for saying something so stupid. He should be forced to sit through an entire season of Sex And The City until he gets it. Saving 'it' for marriage is as outdated and irrelevant as a glory box and not going on a pre-wedding diet. So sorry to bust your little fantasy Tony but the only virgin required in any home is the olive oil on the kitchen bench, or the bedroom depending on your fancy.


  1. That was also my first thought ... if he had said MEN and women ...I could have gone with him, in the sense that ..might be fine for some.

    But ..only women? How dare he.

    Of course I'm single now myself in my fifties ...
    if I wait that long I might die first hahaha.

  2. Nice to hear from you Sarah. If life begins at 40 then 50 should be pretty swinging!!!

  3. ...besides, wasn't it Tony who shagged someone who got herself up the duff during his uni years? And then it turned out the baby was his flatmate's instead of his?

    See, his ex-girlfriend was clearly playing the role - as desired by our Tony - of satisfying the sexual urges of ALL men in her postcode so that the rest of the women could remain virgins. Quite thoughtful really.

  4. I wouldn't turn to a politician for advice on ANYTHING.

    If all women saved themselves for marriage where does he imagine men are going to get their "experience" from? Is he planning on legalising prostitution? Will all prostitutes now have to be married? What a can of worms...

    Olive oil doesn't belong in the bedroom. Unless you like plastic sheets. (for protecting the mattress)