Thursday, January 28, 2010

This Sportless Life

I've tried. I've tried to watch the tennis but I don't really understand it. I don't understand the rules and don't like that grunting noise they make. I don't have the gene that allows the brain receptors to understand anything relating to sport in any way. It's like an uncontrollable shutdown of all senses the minute someone starts talking about sport. I've often envied the idea of spending an afternoon relaxing in front of the telly watching mindless sport to forget the woes of the day. Cricket looked like a relaxing thing to watch, I gave that a go for at least 3 minutes and then wondered why the only man without safety head gear was the old guy standing in front of a speeding ball that only required a man with a small bat to move slightly to the left or right and he would be knocked senseless, not my idea of fun. I tried the winter games as a relaxing visual exercise until the figure skater went you know what over you know where and gashed her knee leaving blood and knee cartilage all over the ice. I nearly threw up and vowed never to watch it again. So as much as I'd like to get into the finals and semi finals of anything, there is no point fighting it, no remedial class or Ipod App will help me with this one.


  1. I'd rather spend an afternoon in front of the telly watching movies on dvd. ANYTHING but sport. I can remember when tennis was played without that disgusting grunt they're all doing now. Who started that and why? it's awful.

  2. I agree River, if they can ban horse jumps then surely they can ban tennis grunts.

  3. The Winter Games are on? Why didn't anyone tell me. I've really missed speed skaters falling over and the ubiquitous lone Aussie taking the gold.