Friday, November 6, 2009

Stolen moments

Jail for an ANZ Bank employee who stole $800,000, the headlines read. I look down at my keyboard, nope. No tears there. Banks don't cry over $800,000 they just steal it right back. So no tears. But what saddens me is to learn that the reported thief spent the haul on gambling. Shame, shame on you for not spending it on something more useful. Why can't we be reading about the woman who stole for a Prada shoe fetish or exquisite Italian designer gowns, a fur coat made of the last goddamn panda in existence, I don't bloody care but not on pokies. If only the thief that stole from the masters of thieving spent her last week staying in hotels so large she needed a satnav to find the bathroom with a golden tassel to call the butler to turn the magazine page. I wouldn't mind if she even went to a plastic surgeon and spent the money on getting breasts so big she needed scaffolding just to stand up straight (I'd like to see the bank try and get those back), but to put it all into machine that goes ping ping ping is just plain wrong. She could have bought her own pinging machine with that much cash. Wrong, just plain wrong.

1 comment:

  1. A shame and a waste. Much better things to hurl money down the gurgler on.