Sunday, November 15, 2009

Me Time

Is it me or do others loathe going to the hairdressers? A trip to the hairdressers for me is as exciting as going to the dog groomers. I know that there are people out there who look forward to the 'me' time but for me this is wasted time when I could be doing something more important. I have usually flicked through all of the trash mags within a matter of minutes of being seated because god knows there is nothing to read in them other than made up bold captions relating to deranged celebrities and photos of them looking like they have just been found wandering alone in a desert for months surviving on nothing but beetles and grasshoppers. When finally the time arrives to wash the plutonium off my head I'm asked to bend my head backwards (just like the toothbrush with the flip top head) while someone with fingers like edward scissorhands massages my scalp to the point where I think my skull will cave in and her fingers will poke a hole into my brain. Sitting back again in front of a mirror looking like someone's cat that fell in the pool, I'm playing The Einstein Factor with my special subject being my hair part. I lose 20 points for not knowing how much "this much" means and she cuts away regardless while I remember not to cross my legs in case she cuts my hair on a slope and I look like an 80's new romantic. Nearly 3 hours later I am released and somewhat poorer only to have to face it again in 8 weeks time. I guess it's just not me.


  1. Hey, at least you're a good girl and go in eight weeks' time - I often leave it for eight months and even then the magazines haven't changed and Jennifer and Brad's marriage is still rock solid and she's pregnant....

  2. I wish they would give me sunglasses to wear, like they do at the dentist.

  3. I usually leave my hair completely alone for about three years, then hack it off myself and it looks okay for a few weeks, then I either continue to ignore it or I'll go in for a "tidy up". I'm just about due for a "tidy up" after the last hack job. It looked okay until I tried to even it up a bit....