Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Money can't buy sleep

What were you doing at 5am this morning? Sleeping? Me too. Apparently we've missed out. We should have joined 4,999 other people to queue up outside a shopping centre for a $100 gift voucher to launch their new luxury brands wing. Yeah one hundred bucks is nothing to be sneezed at but pre dawn pushing and shoving is no way to start the day. For that price you'll get a Hugo Boss sock or a Gucci ...well nothing actually. So now I guess I can call myself a supermodel if I won't get out of bed for a hundred bucks, well maybe not quite so super at that price. Shopping is one of the great benefits of living in a free country, it's what wars were fought for weren't they? The battle of Burberry in the trench coats is a somber reminder of what freedoms we take for granted today. So yes, go forth and battle the crowds to bring back your glorious if somewhat small piece of victory if you must. Just don't expect me to answer the bugle call.


  1. Yeah, but I reckon the hundred buck gift voucher would be for a product made in china that is really only worth two dollars at your next garage sale, IF you are lucky.

  2. I read in the Age that 5000 or so people queued up just so they could get into (arguably) the most expensive shops in Australia to..... um, shop.

    How sad. Sleep, coffee, chocolate, breakfast with Sapphire, a walk with Milly, a good run and some phone calls were a much fun-ner way to spend my morning.

  3. Probably the same people who, after a month shopping for christams presents, line up super early to be first in the door for the boxing day sales.

    As Mr. T said, "I pity the fools".

  4. Another new, expensive shop? Meh....