Monday, November 30, 2009

Come On Come On...

More politicians behaving like rock stars. You can almost hear the distant strains of "Do you want to be in my gang, my gang, my gang, do you want to be in my gang ... oh yeah" coming from the windows of parliament as we face yet another week of the same front page star struck lunch box legends. More staged just getting into my car routines after phoning 20 members of the press gallery to be in the drive way so you can say "I have nothing to say" but take the picture and someone will email you the rest. Save us from more lycra shots with do-gooder slogans strategically placed for maximum coverage but still not quite enough, more tie removed shirts and rolled up sleeves and smiling faces promoting calm under pressure. But the biggest crime of all? To be photographed with a three legged dog to show your caring side. Well best of luck to you all but let's give it to the dog. After all, at least the dog is man's best friend and that's got to be worth something in the polls. "I'm the leader of the gang I am".