Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mornings with Morons

With a little more time than usual of late I have been watching commercial morning television. I see that whilst the general population gets older, the morning program presenters get younger. And more stupid. The constant reference to "ladies" as in "ladies try this at home" being for beauty products, the all believing magic housework products or any other snake oil they can get you to buy with three easy payments, I find this term outdated and belittling to say the least. The term 'gentleman' went by the way of the top hat and tails but they persist as if we are glued to our screens with an aproned lap full of peas to be shelled.

My favourite story, well actually it really is difficult to choose between the man (gentleman?) who built a stage coach out of toothpicks (please) and the clueless child they sent in to review a hotel cellar full of Bordeaux wines. I think she thought the word Bordeaux meant with no motivation and nothing to do. Then of course is the constant stream of in program advertising for useless items that will either guarantee a hernia before you get a six pack or at best lie idle in the cupboard while they suck continuous payments from your credit card for something you didn't need. And lastly the health topics, my favourite. For most of the year they tell us diets don't work "and here's Dr Nobody to tell us why" then they give us a six week challenge and recommend enough sugary processed food to keep you preserved well past your use by date. And don't think of turning to another channel because there they are again. But younger and dumber. I'll turn it off. I'll look out the window instead.


  1. Ha! My daughter has it on in the background while she's eating breakfast. I sit in front of the PC and catch up with blogs. Mindless talking heads they are.

  2. I'm with Baino. Why put on morning telly when there are blogs and quality stuff like 'Passive Aggressive Notes' and LOLcats to read?

    Word verification: PERBELSI. Lorna ordered her Perbelsi from Kerri-Anne but didn't notice the hairs from her legs fading at all after inflating the nozzle....

  3. "...enough sugary processed food to keep you preserved well past your use by date." Sounds like my kind of diet....Morning tv is pretty much rubbish though. I mean, after all, just how many workout machines can one person fit under the bed or in the closet anyway?