Monday, November 16, 2009

To have and to hold... and PARTY HARD

I don't know about you but brides scare me. If ever I've seen an event turn an ordinary woman into a screaming control freak, it's one where someone has succumbed to the bridal virus. It's like watching a volcano erupt, you can see the hot molten lava spewing towards you but you are fixated and you just can't seem to run away. So when I see the latest fashion news about weddings I'm keen to absorb it all like it's a feakshow circus act. "Come see the bearded lady swallow swords and turn into a python" or better still, see crazy women make irrational decisions and throw money like there is no tomorrow. According to today's online Age "Everyone wants to look like an A-lister" and it's all about being raunchy and not looking like a bride. According to this bridal expert "She just wants to rock a sexy look."

So what then, she's walking down the aisle in her underwear and fishnet stockings with a Crown Lager in her hand and singing, sorry miming something by Britney Spears. Why be a bride if not to look like one? Unfortunately we've looked to Hollywood for our matrimonial inspirations and we all know what a huge success rate they have with marriage. No longer the doves to be released out of boxes, instead let's release political prisoners and instead of a church aisle it's a red carpet complete with hired paps. So what happens when the gala premier is over and Brad Pitt turned out to be Big Pratt and there's no money left after spending it all on the after party formerly known as the honeymoon? At least you can wear the underwear again.


  1. My dress (in 1995) cost $12 for the material (Mum sewed it; a jacket and skirt). Hat and shoes cost $100 each and the reception (arvo tea and drinks) was $1000 because it was held in my parents' garden.

    My 'walk down the aisle' was actually out of the front door, down the driveway and around the back and I don't have a single regret.

  2. Kath, love it, and very sexy rock chick in my view.

  3. Gosh, my wedding dress looked nothing like that on your pictured model....
    My dress and the bridesmaids dresses were homemade by my soon-to-be mum-in-law, I stitched the hem myself, flowers came from friends gardens, catering was all home cooking, the entire thing probably cost around $200. We had a great time. No control freaks were involved.