Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Life's like a box of chocolates

Another notice for a "run" has been pushed through my mail box. It's either fun, great, Australian or just an opportunity to make people pay money for something that was totally free the day before (oops did I say that out loud?). I'm informed of road closures over the entire weekend. Imagine someone closed down your street and said you can't get in and you can't get out between these times on the weekend because people want to run on roads which is far more harmful than running on a soft track or treadmill (oops said that out loud too didn't I). So there. Personally, I am a gym person and fitness is the god of all that is good but when you tell me I can't leave my house because increasingly these events seem to be appearing with no difficulty in closing down the city whatsoever I question who gets the bigger benefit. So now that I've "fully acquainted myself with the impact" outlined in their brochure, on their website and been encouraged to refer to government road upgrade web pages (for total traffic oblivion) which all equate to meaning stuff you we're making mega bucks from these Forest Gumps and we are going to continue to do it more and more while they continue to hand over their cold sweaty cash. There is nothing "great" about this event in my view, there is nothing Australian about it either and if you are keen to run there are plenty of suitable parks, beach side pathways, gyms, around the clothesline, whatever that don't cost half that much. Be warned if I need to go to the shops on the weekend I will be re-arranging those orange and white traffic obstacles and directing them all towards St Kilda Pier. Splash.


  1. That's why I love my treadmill. At home, only 5 metres from my kitchen door, in total privacy, no dog poo or puddles to dodge or angry residents to annoy....

  2. Surely it would be more fun to have your street closed and allow wild bulls to chase people down it, like they do in Spain.

  3. I LOVE the fun run with bulls idea. Where can I get some by the weekend I wonder? Would they settle for trams and traffic if everyone promised to put large horns on the roof of their cars and honk a lot?