Tuesday, November 10, 2009

From The Big Screen to the Big House

Two CCTV vans will patrol CBD trouble spots we are told in today's media. Two? Gosh! How on earth will we escape them? How will we know when they are approaching? Will they be in disguise? Will I hear "Action" at the intersection? So many questions and so few reasons not to poke fun. So other than providing some seriously brilliant funniest home videos, I dare say that camera footage from trouble spots will be just that, camera footage from trouble spots. It will be replayed on our nightly news over and over again, the police will sell it to the highest bidder and not very much will change at all. So for the contribution of $150,000 from the latest patrons of the arts formerly known as taxpayers, we can expect an epic tale of weekend city street scenes shot in 360 degree panoramic vision starring an unlikely cast of Melbourne's finest. Lights, camera, knives, broken beer bottles, action.


  1. Wow, pretty vans combined with the five free Hummers given to Melbourne police to patrol the trouble spots and we'll have pictures of Hummers running over revellers . . better than the movies!

  2. Maybe the van *is* a result of the Arts funding money pot?

  3. What's happening to this city? Cameras invading our privacy everywhere; on our streets, in the toilets, ladies dressing rooms. I know I speak for all Melbournians when I say, where is the sexy footage?