Monday, August 3, 2009

Oompa loompa Doompadee Doo

I need to shop more with my ipod in my ears. I don't particularly want to listen to other people's conversations when I'm out buying the fruit and veg. I'm sure their children are intelligent, funny and mastering A grade little league but when I'm reaching for my zucchini, get out of my way so I can move on. On Sunday alone I learned that little Jackson, now that he is 5 years old, is starting his MBA so he'll most likely be a CEO by the time he is 9, Daisy's intellectual capacity is so far advanced she is now home schooled via the internet, meanwhile little Daisy's screaming from the Swedish turbo drive dual airbag pusher to the point where I'm ready to stuff strawberries in my ears to deaden the noise. I suspect there is some real competition out there for your kid to perform better than everyone else's, yes folks, kiddies and KPI's are the next reality project. These women are seriously competitive and will back over you with the four wheel drive to get their kids up the front at the Brittany Spears concert. My question is what are we going to do with these Violet Beauregardes when they are adults? "I want a trip to the moon mummy and I want one NOW". Hand me the strawberries.


  1. How could I not visit a site called "Lorna Lilo"! Nice gaff as the Irish would say, although I thought a 'gaff' was a faux pas . . or is that a fur paw . .hmm . . must be tea time! Nice blog. I'll pop back now and then!

  2. Nice of you to drop by. Enjoy your tea or is that I'm hungry.

  3. Well observed, Ms Lilo.

    If they're not brilliant, or 'gifted' or undertaking 'accelerated learning' it's completely the other end of the spectrum.

    They've got ADHD, social-dismorphic disorder, oxygen intolerances, hyper-sensitive stimulus awareness (they hit kids). I'm hoping Sapph's somewhere in between...