Monday, August 17, 2009

Booster Beef, coming right up

The world's first super vegetables are on the way according to today's paper. Booster broccoli has all the enhanced extras to not only put hairs on your chest but probably grow you a third breast as well. On the basis that we could eat 40% more antioxidants than regular veggies, scientists have cracked the broccoli DNA code so we 'may reduce serious illnesses'. But surely, you gotta eat veggies in the first place! Personally I think any experiment paid to alter or 'enhance' our food is usually about producing faster, more efficient foods in preference to letting mother nature take it course. With all things related to nature, there are good results and some not so good, and food manufacturers have no interest in the not so good. Vegetables don't need improvement, they have done ok by themselves for many years. So what's next in the frankenfood future for us along with booster vitamin broccoli...bigger brain beans, superior IQ spinach and who wants to be a millionaire mushrooms. Be afraid, very afraid.


  1. I heard that. Fortunately I love broccoli just as it is. They swear it's been through 'selective' breeding and not genetic engineering. I'm not sure what the difference really is! Shame they can't develop calorie free ice cream or vitamin enriched chardy.

  2. I'm with Baino. Plus, when all this frankenfood (I love that term) nonsense gets out of hand, I just reach for more chocolate.

  3. Aye it was done with selective breeding, the old fashioned way. I'd say go for it.