Sunday, August 9, 2009

A casual evening enema

Botox parties are the latest craze to hit the northern suburbs according to the great source of all things scary, the Sunday paper. Get together with a bunch of pals and have Dr Botulism deposit a paralytic substance between your brows. Sure beats pass the parcel. Who would have thought surgical procedures could become the new form of entertainment. What next, late night supper and liposuction evenings or a curry and colonic irrigation night. Are people really that bored? What happened to excessive drinking and loud music parties. Now we won't call the police when the party gets out of hand, we'll call an ambulance. So with the northern suburbs no longer able to provide a facial expression let's hope the craze is seen for what it really is, just plain crazy.


  1. A colonoscopy party sounds great. Imagine that sort of footage up on the plasma HD and every one having a look.

  2. You don't need a colonoscopy party. Just come around to my house when it's my turn to cook one of my One Pot Wonders and nature will take of everything....