Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Worn out weather words

I do enjoy a bit of weather now and then. Wild storm warnings sent office workers scurrying onto trains and trams early yesterday to avoid mass falling of trees onto train tracks. It was coming at 5pm the news reports advised. At 5pm they said it was coming at 5:30pm. "Hi, it's the storm here sorry, running a bit late will get there as soon as I can." And then there is the forever repeated descriptions used by the media. Storms are always wild, winds are always lashing and hail is always as big as golf balls. Is it time we had some new weather words? Wind could be er... windy, or big or even good old boring blowy but please no more wild windy whipping through lashed suburbs with hail as big as ... you know what.


  1. Gorgeous dress - would go a treat with my old runners and tracksuit top circa 1998 (when I was preggers with Sapphire)....

  2. Maybe a bit over the top for the beach but we won't tell her.