Friday, August 7, 2009

Anything goes

Hoorah it's Friday. Friday is celebrated across the land regardless of whether you work or not. Friday for those who work in an office, is often deemed 'casual Friday'. Personally I've never quite grasped the concept of casual wear at work on any day. I guess I just don't do casual, basically I sleep in a suit. I care little for your weekend attire. Your sporting wardrobe is of no interest to me and your comfortable shoes are best kept for the gardening. Jeans were invented as work wear and when they said work wear they meant ploughing the fields or breaking up rocks kind of work wear. Tracksuits are best left at the track and anything fleecy with an attached hood is just baby wear in a bigger size. No, I defy even the most casual of casual environments, I have worked in organisations that were so casual they looked and smelt like a teenagers bedroom. So yes it's Friday but that doesn't mean I want to see your Saturday wear, just yet.


  1. Damn and I thought we'd get along so well. I hate my corporate attire. In fact I spend more on suits than my wage allows. Now if I lived in Melbourne, I could avail my self of the myriad of 'vintage' shops and suit up as well as KD Lang. Sadly, I'm stuck with Sportscraft and $375 Jackets! Lordy save me, I need a rich old man with a heart condition . . .*off to bleach hair and get Anna Nicole style boob job*

  2. Hell, if I worked in an office now, Casual Friday would be too formal for me. Uggs, jeans and hoodies all the way baby!