Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Driving Miss Dangerous

At what point do you go from mild mannered, commuting driver to psychotic road raged assassin? When some clown toots their horn at you for not moving forwards and blocking the intersection. The temptation to get out of the car and murder them is very great. If my glovebox contained a grenade instead of gloves it would have been a very different story. If my boot didn't have, well a pair of boots in it and a rocket launcher instead he would have been very sorry. Where do people learn to become such bad drivers? How many hours of bad driving habits does it take to get a licence in this? I'm a polite driver, I let people in when they indicate. They look at me like I've given them a kidney but then we all move along nicely. Is it me or are they getting worse out there?


  1. I vote for worse.

    What do you keep in your bonnet?

  2. I particularly hate those that toot when you're trying to turn right at a busy intersection. Very complicated when in Melbourne you're also often sitting on two sets of tram tracks!

    Instead of showing them the finger I wear my grandma's wedding ring on, I just feign polite deafness and remain calm, going when *I* think it's the right time to go. Nothing would be more infuriating to the tooting tool behind me than that!

  3. Man at the Pub: I've never looked under the bonnet, I'm not sure what's in there, maybe nothing.

    Kath: I like the dignity, turn up the radio - works every time.