Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Deck the halls with shopping trolleys

You do realise of course now that it's August, it's only a matter of weeks until the local supermarket has Christmas decorations on the shelves. Yes, there is no escape from the force of the festive. I loathe Christmas. I particularly hate Christmas parties and will invent elaborate lies to avoid them which include life saving medical procedures and the loss of close family members...sometimes for the second and third time. With Christmas come Kris Kringle. Who the fuck came up with that bright idea? I'd like a few minutes with them in a dark alley way. If you want a crap gift for under $5 go and buy your own big white mug with a witty saying on it or a wind up penis that will have you in fits of laughter for hours but if you ever put that shit on my desk I'll nail your head to it. See I told you I was full of Christmas cheer. Only 143 more days until Boxing Day.


  1. Now how would all those $2 shops survive if Kris Kringle did not come once per year.

  2. Aw...don't be so hard on old Kris. He only gets to come once a year, poor guy.

    P.S. I like your style! Thanks for commenting on my blog, because that led me to your blog.

  3. My worst Kris Kringle gift ever?
    An apron that said, "Sometimes I wake up grumpy. Other days I just let him sleep in."