Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday the day of rest

I was sleeping soundly until the cannon went off. BOOM. Thunder I think? No too short and it's too sunny out there. There is a race on at the local lake that requires a cannon to start it. What happened to ready, steady, go? I think a cannon is a little inappropriate, a canon shot to herald the beginning of a new adventure in a tall ship sailing off to the new world yes, a canon shot to warn off the attempts of a possible land invasion yes, but to run around a lake - no. Sunday is the day of rest. So unless you are aboard your tall ship or you've sighted a viking invasion please put the gun away. So with newspaper in hand I return to the Sunday day of rest routine amongst the drone of aerial acrobatics for my lakeside defence force at play, I come across the front page panoramic shot of AFL football players elbowing, shoving, punching in what appears to involve at least 19 players. But hang on a minute, wasn't it only Friday that we learned about the AFL Just Think program whereby AFL players have been paid to promote reducing violence in the streets? "We will involve ourselves in any way we can to raise awareness to rid the CBD of that sort of behaviour," according to their chief executive. How exactly are they intending to do this? By punching the shit out of each other by way of example. So now my Sunday day of rest is disturbed by the GIANT FUCKING ELEPHANT in the room that no one person from the press seems to have noticed. Perhaps if someone could borrow the cannon from the defence force and fire it off the next time our sporting "heroes" on six figure salaries demonstrate the very behaviour that they are meant to reducing. Now back to my day of rest goddamn it.

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  1. I didn't realise that AFL had an endemic problem with thuggery as the NSW NRL. Thugs and sexual predators they are. Why they aren't dismissed for bad behaviour, I'll never know. Surely there are younglings in the ranks who would happily fill the shoes of this badly behaved mob. Then again if neither code existed, I wouldn't give a jot!