Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The XXXX files

Hello from Earth, we can now email alien life form on the planet Gliese 581d. From the transcript of messages so far, earthlings are considerate in their enquiries about alien health, they are hospitable in offering tea and cake should this alien ever pop by, and one message most informative from a man in Adelaide who just wanted to say he has fallen over and can't reach his beer. I heard a theory of late that we, being the human race are in the process of reverse Darwinism. That is, we are breeding out the intelligent. If you disagree, turn on your television. See! So should alien life form decide to hit the reply button on whatever form of communication they have, what would be the reply? I can only hope that it is in response to the many requests for peace and inter galactic friendship and not just 'sorry about the beer dude'.


  1. If they see that annoying 'Tess, I'm real' woman who keeps blathering on about how she's made a mess when using real chicken stock, they'll think we're all child abusers. I mean, can't she make the family something other than casserole for one measly night? No wonder her husband's hiding in a cardboard box...

  2. Unfortunately her husband was given a real burial in the backyard for giving her some real feedback about her shitty cooking.