Sunday, August 16, 2009

I read the news today oh boy

I'm having a fun weekend watching conspiracy DVDs. You know what they say, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you! For some light Sunday entertainment reading I look to the Sunday papers. Aaahh, such words of wisdom they bestow upon me. However, why is it that the women on the magazine cover always remind me of caramel? I'm not sure why this is but in real life I hope for Megan Gale's sake she doesn't resemble an ice coffee and it's just the photography. Women feature everywhere in this magazine. Women who beat up on other women for being irresponsible for getting pregnant too young (must have been an immaculate conception because there is no mention of the father), and the story by a woman who chooses to pay $95 to have a tube put up her arse and somehow she thinks we want to know all about it. Gee, Mr Editor, I'm a bit stuck for stories this week, where should I look for inspiration? But my favourite must be the health advice. Apparently sugar no longer causes hyper activity and that statistics tell us that married men have sex more times per week than single men but the numbers for married women are slightly lower. Shouldn't the married men statistic be the same as the married women? Too much information for a Sunday. I'll get back to my conspiracy DVDs. Such far fetched imaginations could only suggest that the world banks are controlled, that food is contaminated and that the masses are fed diversions of mindless dribble to stop them questioning things for themselves. You kids.

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  1. This is very eerie Ms Lilo, because I was reading that very same publication yesterday and thinking the same things - though not as succintly put as you have.

    As a frustrated freelancer, it does pinch my shingles no end that their 'columnists' are so friggin' talentless. And don't get me started on Mr Dapin on Saturdays.... Grrr......