Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Man in Black...skivvy?

Tex Perkins plays a mean Johnny Cash in The Man In Black show at the Athenaeum Theatre. Having not seen Tex since his Beast of Bourbon days he hasn't changed a bit, well not much anyway. Fantastic show and full credit to Rachael Tidd who plays the role of June Carter with backing by the Tennessee Four who are outstanding. Now that I've had my moment of cool, I need to step out of the dark and admit that I went to the Matinee session and yes, I should accept that at this time of day there will be people who will push you face down in the aisle and trample over you to be the first out for a choc ice at interval but that wasn't so much the problem. My problem was the creche going on in front of me. Far be it from me to say that any 2 year old should be deprived of the opportunity to hear about death row in Folsom prison or to add the word motherfucker to their new ABC learning book but Jesus, did these parents really expect that they would be up for sitting quietly in this sort of environment? I don't crash Wiggles concerts and start distracting everyone, mainly because there is not enough Chardonnay in the world to get me to go to one of those but that's not the point. But anyway, the point is if you are in Melbourne, I recommend it, just don't expect Tex to break into 'Hot Potato, Hot Potato'.


  1. I agree. No matter what the time of day, if it aint for kids, it aint for kids.

    ...And if you're got kids, you either make arrangements for them to be looked after by someone else or you don't go. That's why Love Chunks and I got our widescreen telly because we knew we'd never get to see a movie rather M together for a while!

  2. Oops, I meant to write 'Rated M', not 'rather M'... unless of course I meant we'd rather watch M rated movies, or ----- no, I'll go and have another coffee....