Friday, September 4, 2009

Somethin' Stupid

What if today someone caught your eye? What if that person smiled at you like it seemed that they knew you? Just say, for example that this person made contact with you and made an excuse to see you again. This person is a bit younger than you. You meet them and meet them again. You talk about life more deeply than you have talked to anyone before in your life. This person tells you things about yourself that in all your years you never knew, it's like they can see clear into your soul. You start to think about them more and more. The arranged times to meet become more frequent as you begin to look forward to them to feel some sanity and to laugh at life again with a new sense of living. You've fallen in love with this person. Every song on the radio is about your love. You begin to think about them every moment you can and when you do, you feel a warm feeling of sheer joy that you know has never happened in your life before or was so long ago you had forgotten it. You can't believe how alive you feel with this person when you are around them, you can feel yourself smiling inside and out. You are glowing with this feeling of being loved unconditionally. What if you were married and this person wasn't your partner? What if you were a politician?