Saturday, September 12, 2009

I'm bored

It's Brownlow medal time. The excitement is building for the red carpet celebrity scrum. And the media is already in a frenzy telling us nude tones will be favoured this year. Must be a spray tan colour. And lots of fake, fake and more fake. And WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? Am I supposed to know who they are? What have they done? What are they famous for? We are too quick to congratulate these people for doing very little. We make them famous first, and then we give them a cause. It's very boring when we are told to celebrate Australia's most famous model as if she has done something more than walk up and down a plank and remember to turn around at the end and not fall off. This event is nothing more than a display of tits and overpaid thugs. By all means celebrate people who have changed lives, and I don't mean the televised garden makeover variety of changing lives but the people who are quietly making a difference to people lives and who would have better things to do than sit in a room and count votes about who has the most mates in their industry. So brace yourselves for wall to wall reporting of another fake and feathered gala(h) event.


  1. I hate agreeing when I'm feeling argumentative but . . .I agree . . slutty little fembots hanging off the arms of the nation's dimmest thugs. Hardly an event worth celebrating. Did I tell you I hate AFL and NRL?

  2. You got it right with galah event. I hate footy too. (and cricket, tennis, bowls, etc etc etc)