Sunday, September 20, 2009

This Post Contains Language That May Be Offensive to Some Readers...

Well today's barbecue stopper is that Kevin Rudd uses the "f" word. According to the Age online today, News Limited reported "Mr Rudd said in the presence of three female MPs: "I don't care what you f---rs think''. Personally I'm not concerned about what Kevin Rudd calls his cabinet members but what staggers me is that the presence of three female MPs was mentioned as if they might faint or something. As women of today's world are we fainting at the "f" word? Or any word for that matter, are we so delicate that the smelling salts are stuffed into our handbags should we come across someone cussing in the street? Heaven help us should Gordon Ramsey appear on the telly we'll all have fainting fits all over our kitchen stoves. I'm going to try an experiment, right now...Fuck. Are you still with me? Didn't come over all funny all of a sudden? Well gosh there you go, haven't we come a long way. Now I can go back to darning my goddamn motherf...r socks.


  1. Should I see a shrink because this story of Kev makes me like him just a little more? And, oh dear, he has a temper, he gets angry. Hands up all mummies who never get angry, and never swear, gulp, in front of the the kids?

  2. Ha! Naughty Kev . . .he'll be telling us he smoked a spliff once next!