Tuesday, September 29, 2009

No frills for a fee

On reading in today's paper about a no frills airline removing all check in desks from the airport one wonders where the anti service culture will end. We are told as passengers of this airline you are required to print your own boarding pass and pay a fee for doing so, you pay a large fee for any luggage that you dare to leave in an allocated "bag drop" location and who knows what fee will be incurred to collect your baggage should it miraculously arrive at the other end. Airline travel is being squeezed into a two class system, the first class being for those who have the ticket paid for by someone else or they themselves have more money than God. And then there is the rest of us. Before long we will be paying for an on-line application form to fly on a shared bench on a plane where we will pay extra for seat belt, a pressurised cabin and the mandatory carbon offset tax for the pilot to plant a tree when he lands (I think that one might be in already). Cargo holds will be opened up for budget travellers who are able to go for long periods of time with small amounts of oxygen and are happy to just hang on. No frills, no thanks.


  1. I fly so infrequently these days that I'm prepared to pay a little extra for a dried water cracker and a glass of Jacob's Creek.

  2. Me too Baino, except these days I believe it's a caraway seed and a glass of 'recycled' water.