Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wishin' and hopin'

10 things to wish for. The Australian Newspaper's Travel and Indulgence section has done all the hard work for us - like we would have strained ourselves? Number 1 to wish for in the Wish List photo gallery is a tub of Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey icecream. Ok stop right there. I have no wish to put anything in my mouth called a chunky monkey. What else have you got? A men's cotton shirt, yawn. Next? Stephanie Alexander's Kitchen Garden Companion book. Maybe, but you generally don't wish for stuff that you would probably get for Christmas anyway. What else you got? A Bulgari necklace that is so full of colourful gems and stones it looks like someone has thrown up diamond chunks. I wouldn't wear it but I would sell it on ebay. Next. A men's sneaker. There was only one pictured so I think you have to join a waiting list to get the other one. It's only available in New York so maybe one shoe is the fashion there, moving right along. "Astro Boy" the animated movie is coming to town. Wish list or advertising vehicle? Next. Hong Kong hotel room in a new hotel that hasn't opened yet. Modern square furniture that looks like it would come in a flat pack. Not for me. More please. Wish number 8 is a book about Australian Vogue. If I'm eating chunky monkey icecream, I ain't reading Vogue. Number 9 please? A Louis Vuitton tie case. Do they do a bra case as well? Lucky last, number 10, the Audi R8 fast and luxurious but don't leave it in the multi deck car park because it won't be there when you get back with the groceries. So apart from the fact that it appears women don't wish for much, I can only suggest you come up with your own more appropriate list of dreams and desires. And by the way? What happened to world peace?


  1. A never ending box of Lindt's black 60% Lindor balls that contain no fat but plenty of extra fibre and vitamin C.

    Oh and world peace, of course.

  2. Red velvet curtains and a stuffed camel.

    Oh yeah and peace. You gotta have world peace.

  3. Chunky Monkey icecream and Australian Vogue? Was this list written by an airhead?
    My wish would be for a country home on a one acre block (maybe two acres) and a lifetime subscription to permaculture magazines.
    I live in my own world and it's already peaceful.