Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Buy buy baby

I made the mistake of asking to see a photo of the new born and then called him a her when she was a he. I was soon corrected. It was a little hard to tell from a blurred mobile phone screensaver with Optus favourites all over his face. Someone had collected the money and put together a basket full of goodies for the new baby. The blue basket was full of a selection of various socks, singlets and assorted soft blue things all carefully chosen by someone who likes shopping for baby things. Babies are difficult to buy for when a) you don't know the sex, b) you don't know the parents or c) just don't know anything about babies. Falling into the c) category my suggestion of a bike was not greeted with much enthusiasm. Neither was the ipod, skateboard or satnav for the pram but I gave it a shot. In fact I am so bad at baby present buying the last gift I bought for a baby was a small t-shirt which said "shut up and go to sleep". I wonder if it worked? So the next time someone announces a new addition to the family they'll have to be specific, because some of us are not qualified in this stuff and if left to their own gift buying devices they may just end up with another toaster. In pink or blue.


  1. They should definitely send you out to buy the baby present next time, Lorna. In five years time the kid will be thanking you so much for the great gift.

  2. How about the Little Golden Book version of Orwell's 1984? No point sugarcoating life.

  3. I love shopping for baby things. I just avoid the whole pink/blue colour scheme and get stuff in white, yellow or pale greens and purples.