Friday, September 18, 2009

Couch Couture

I'm thinking. I'm thinking about fashion advice. Do you ever take it, give it or even believe in it? When Cate Blanchett chose to put her arm through nanna's crotchet knee rug and walk down the red carpet she either knew exactly what she was doing or it was laundry day. Just like Bjork many years ago arrived on the red carpet dressed in a swan dress, even if it did look like one that had been through the engine of a 747, did she stand at the foot of the walk-in asking herself couture or chicken? Where do you draw the line when you reach into the wardrobe? Is it a little bravery or is it the whole, go to hell in a hand basket I'm wearing my pyjama top and I'm calling it fashion. Desperation will drive dressing decisions on many a morning with the basket tipping over with un-ironed every day wear as we reach desperately into the evening section of the wardrobe. Can I get away with it if I down dress it? Surely a bit of fishnet stocking is about being bold and they'll never guess it was all that was left in the bottom draw. But if you have exhausted absolutely everything including the weekend casuals, the big event big skirt and special occasion special pants, and are left with nothing at all to wear, feel free to look no further than the ol' crotchet square throw. Just make sure it's not the one that ended up in the dog basket!

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