Thursday, September 3, 2009

One day in September

Ah, September in Melbourne. Spring fashion, hay fever and football, football and here, have some more football. I love the Grand Final. It's the best shopping day of the year. It's the best day to get the best seat at any restaurant in town. There are no traffic jams and when you park your car out the very front of your favourite restaurant, the staff will be waiting to give you the best service you have ever had. It's like swimming upstream to get the best trout.
Shopping for anything is easy on Grand Final day. Better deals are done just before the match because the pressure is on to get to the television, you can just about negotiate the sale of a fridge down to the price of a pie if you time it right. You can see that exhibition at the gallery, you'll be the only one there and the 3 staff at the ticket counter will fight over taking your money. The open for inspections have real estate agents who will ask you how you are and will make eye contact with you and the movie theatre seat in the middle row in the middle of the screen will be vacant just for you. So enjoy this day like the city is your own just like Charlton Heston in the movie The Omega Man but remember...once you hear that siren go, make a run for it. That's when "the family" come out.


  1. Perfectly said, Ms Lilo. I'm married to a footy tragic, and if the beloved Crows get in, I'll watch but if not, I'll do what you do and get out there and enjoy not having to wait, queue up or be ignored for once!

  2. ...and may I say that 'Honey I think we should start seeing other people' caption and the photo makes me giggle every time I see it.