Friday, September 25, 2009

Things to do that are better than watching football

1) Shopping. Clearly. Even shopping for a new kitchen sponge is an outing!

2) Watching television. Two hours of Danos Direct would be more beneficial, at least you would be able to organise your life in 3 easy payments including postage and handling.

3) Looking out the window. You'll be dry!

4) Putting several pots of water on the stove and watching them boil.

5) Being staked out on an ant-hill naked.

6) Driving around Melbourne counting the good parking spots, "there's one, there's one..."

7) Watching re-runs of Magnum PI.

8) Going to the airport and watching the luggage carousel go around.

10) Learning how to count.


  1. Finding new chocolate to try.
    Buying a dishwasher.
    Searching for breakfast....

  2. Well, you know what the end of football season means ... cricket, yay - more shopping.