Monday, September 21, 2009

The Glamour

September in Melbourne. It's all about the glamour. The parade, the hours spent grooming and preening. Does everything look at its best, is there a flaw that needs to be covered for this big event? Hair dryers are swirling around, there is teasing and fluffing, nails are attended to with the finest of detail. It's all so exciting for the big event. Yes folks, the Royal Melbourne Show Clydesdale Horse Parade is on. Oh, and apparently some footballers wives somewhere doing something similar, but back to the horses, and the sheep and the cows, oh the glamour!


  1. Are you saying that Akubra hats, white coats and a load of bull isn't glamorous. Wash your mouth out with Persil! I'd rather see a good looking cow than a skinny supermodel accessory hanging off every ARL player's last word "Erm, are you awake love!"

  2. It funny how we can make animals 'more attractive' by clipping claws and doing up their hair braids. How narcissistic.

  3. Baino, you are absolutely right, a dryzabone over a jewelled g-string anyday.